麻将游戏平台:LOL客户端难题层出不穷早就是一个老调重弹的话题讨论了,前不久在Reddit,这个问题又再一次被拿出来争辩,题目为:It’s unreal how bad the client still is(无法想象客户端仍然这般很差)Posted by u/CynDoS 20 hours ago Takes like 10 seconds till you can finally paste a password Responsiveness generally went down A LOT compared to the old client Reconnect somehow got even worse, it used to work from time to time, now it never does although the network is fine When you disconnect your laptop from the network while having the client open, and it prompts you to close it, you manually have to kill the task afterwards or you can’t start it up again (absolute joke) The one bug where you open your loot and it just stays black, and you have to restart the client to fix it same thing when you just can’t click the icon same thing if you get a reward for something and it doesn’t show up 在輸出登陆密码前务必等待10秒左右 反应速率对比老版客户端孩子气很多 重启并失灵,乃至不容易更糟糕(而且你的互联网状况长期) 如果你与互联网中断连接,重新连接后若要重启客户端,必不可少合上资源管理器再开后台运行,不然没法重启客户端(简直便是个嘲笑) 不管怎样都无法打开你的战利品,你不能根据重启客户端去解决困难。同样,许多 情况下你没法网页页面发给任务奖励,或是发给顺利完成后被新的撤销I’m sure there are many many more bugs and oversights, and there really is no excuse for that considering how much money Riot makes. I remember how the old client ran on any shit hardware no matter what, and now it doesn’t even work on decent specs (in my case RX480 and 4790K) which are easily good enough for the game itself on High/Ultra我敢肯定也有许多 诸如此类的bug,握拳赚来到这么多的钱,显而易见没有理由保证很差一个客户端。


我忘记很早以前的老版客户端,即便 在太差的电脑都必须经营,而如今的客户端无论在多么好的电脑都是会出有什么问题[-]Pink_Penthere 3.8k points 19 hours agoPro tip: click on the shop, wait for it to load and then click on the loot tab again, then it should work.技术专业提议:能够网页页面店铺,等待载入完后再作转到战利品页面,理应就能合上你的战利品了[–]ghostgnome 1.5k points 19 hours agoLmao this shit is automatic to me. I didn’t realize until recently that I always do that because it always bugs.这早就就是我进战利品前的下意识流程了,哈哈大笑。你没讲到我还忘了我是谁经常那么腊,由于客户端一直出有bug[-]nsaiyan_dude 2.5k points 18 hours agoI don’t know of this qualifies as a bug, but in the postgame lobby chat everybody’s names are red. It’s hard to tell apart your team from the enemy team.我不会告知这是否算bug:在比赛之后的闲聊服务厅中,每一个人名字全是鲜红色的,难以正确认识是敌是友[–]Renerrix 2.9k points 16 hours agoBecause every game is 1v9由于每把游戏都是1v9[-]Cptsaber44 1.2m points 19 hours agoClient team should start collecting unemployment checks seeing as theyre not doing any work anyways.客户端精英团队理应刚开始发给失业救济金了,由于她们看起来沒有腊一切事[-]Ap_Cr 410 points 19 hours agoMy problem is the client running in 3 fps lmao, my device isn’t even that bad, how the fuck does the game client lag more than the actual game??我客户端经营时的fps仅有3,呵呵呵,我的电脑机器设备都不劣,为何一个客户端的推迟不容易比游戏自身也要低??[–]zewm426 292 points 18 hours agoIt’s so bad compared to literally EVERY OTHER GAME that has a client/lobby system. The DOTA2 client, Overwatch, CS:GO, R6, etc etc. They all are real clients. This is just straight trash tier.跟DOTA,守望者先锋,CS:GO,彩虹六号这种游戏的客户端比一起了解很差了,便是个废金属排位的客户端[-]xvertoi 332 points 19 hours agoApparently they assembled a team of devs to fix the client… about a year ago. And, of course, nothing has changed since then. Absolute joke.大概在一年前,握拳重新组建了一个研发部门来整修客户端。